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Sex is one of the best ways to achieve a great physical condition, mental balance and, of course, a lot of joy and positivity. It raises our self-esteem, gives us confidence in ourselves and our abilities, and fills us with vital energy and strength. Among other things, sex allows you to completely relax and forget about all the problems and difficulties.

Intimacy brings to our lives extraordinary moments and sensations that can not be compared with anything. At such moments and hours, we are not at all up to the idea that somewhere, in some distant or close country, this sacrament can take place in a different way.

Meanwhile, the sexual behavior and attitudes of different peoples are very diverse. Probably, each of us has heard a lot about the tradition of keeping virginity for your loved one until the wedding. It was also relevant in our country several decades ago. In our time, few people observe this tradition, and some nationalities did not see any value in it at all: representatives of the fair sex independently deprived themselves of their virginity.

Somewhere it was customary to deprive a girl of her innocence only to the chief priest, and somewhere the groom gave his wife to other men for" testing". There are even such cases when the deprivation of virginity was assigned to the father of the family or the girl was taken to a special person who was an ace in this difficult matter.

To explain the increased importance of virginity is very simple – a man who took a woman as his wife had to be completely sure that she was not carrying someone else's child. In general, the preservation of virginity before marriage came to us from ancient pagan beliefs. So the girl passed on her youth and strength to the man. Much later, the newfangled trend was the simulation of virginity, while the skills of this art were passed from mothers to daughters.

Bizarre and strange traditions and customs, of course, existed not only in relation to the wedding night, but the marriage itself. So, earlier, there was an original opinion about marital sex: it's a dirty business. Accordingly, it was possible to make love only when it was necessary to continue the race. In the future, sex becomes more open, and accordingly, new customs have appeared.

Today, sexual relations in most civilized countries are no longer taboo. Today's young people know almost everything about sex, and they get their first sexual experience at a fairly early age-about 14-15 years old.

What sexual traditions and customs have developed in Russia? Until the 7th century, the concept of "sex" and "sexuality" in our ancestors were associated with celebration, laughter, singing and dancing. Sexual ancient Slavic relations were characterized by the absence of homosexuality and bestiality, and in those days men did not like to put on public display their achievements and victories in front of the weaker female sex.

The first person who began to actively fight in Russia for moral behavior was Princess Olga. Under her leadership, in 953, a new law "on monetary compensation for idleness" was published. Princess Olga was joined by Prince Svyatoslav, who in 967 imposed a ban on defloration: only her husband could now deprive the girl of her innocence.

However, the greatest influence on sexual life was, of course, the Orthodox Church, which was quite firmly established and established in Russia by the 12th century. At the same time, the magi and midwives-healers were finished.

The church began to introduce its own prohibitions: women were forbidden to wear makeup, they could only have sex for only 50 days a year, bans on certain poses were introduced, and body kissing was also prohibited. The ideal wife in Russia at that time was considered a woman who was disgusted with sexual life.

Of course, all these innovations did not please the Russian people. And gradually, by the 18th century, church prohibitions were becoming less influential. The sexual life of our time is very diverse, it "beats the key" and improves day by day.

Anal sex has long ceased to be something forbidden. More and more couples in love practice or want to try this type of sexual intercourse. To begin with, it is necessary to understand what anal sex is. This is a type of sex when the penis, dildo, vibrator is inserted into the anal opening.

1. Psychological preparation. As a rule, many refuse anal sex, because they consider it "dirty", unpleasant. Neither men nor women like to talk about practicing this type of sex. Women find it ugly, and men are afraid that they will be considered homosexuals.

Anal sex may not be pleasant for the first time. This kind of sex requires preparation, delicacy, gradual development.

2. Physical preparation. The anus is the opening through which the body is cleared of food residues. This should not be forgotten. There is a possibility that during sexual intercourse you may encounter feces, so that this does not happen, you must follow several rules: If one of the partners does not accept anal sex, is not ready for it, is ashamed, then you should not even start to touch on this topic.

• Be sure to empty your bowels a few hours before sex, at least 2 hours before. If there was no chair, then it is better to postpone sex to another day.

• Clean the bowel with a wash or enema.

Enema is the most affordable and fastest way to cleanse. It does not require a lot of water, since only the rectum needs to be cleaned. Then the penis, as a rule, does not penetrate. If there is a lot of water, then the fecal masses can begin to move "to the exit" at the most inopportune moment, for example, during sexual intercourse. Do not often get carried away with an enema, because with each procedure, useful bacteria are washed out. As a result, intestinal dysbiosis may occur.

Washing is a longer process. It affects not only the rectum, but also some part of the intestine. Here, much more water is required, and the washing itself must be done at least three times. For the intestinal microflora, it is a more dangerous procedure than an enema.

• Take a shower. You need to take a shower not only before anal sex, but also before any other. A clean body always instills more confidence that sexual intercourse will not interrupt any unpleasant smell.

All of the above procedures will not give a full guarantee to stay clean. That is why you should always use a condom. In addition, it is a great way to protect yourself from various diseases. You can buy special condoms designed for anal sex. They are much stronger than ordinary ones.

It is worth mentioning that anal sex should begin with "stretching" the anal sphincter, since it is not intended for sex. Increase the diameter of intimate toys should be gradually. The use of a large size at once can lead to tears and cracks, then it will no longer be up to anal sex.

3. The use of various special tools. This should include lubricants, various vibrators, balls, and plugs. By itself, the rectum can not secrete lubricant like, for example, the vagina, so you need to lubricate from the outside. It is better to choose a lubricant specifically for anal sex, because it includes emollients and painkillers.

Everyone can choose different toys for anal sex. These can be plugs, anal beads, etc. The diameter of the toys can be different: from the smallest, which is suitable for beginners, to the largest, which is used by practitioners of anal sex for a long time.

If everything is done correctly, anal sex can bring a lot of pleasure, new sensations, and strengthen relationships.

A lot of people have sex with exes. The end of a permanent relationship does not always mean the end of a sexual relationship.

1. Reasons.
There can be many reasons. First, you should think about who made the decision to break up. If the partner has left the other, then sex for the second may be an attempt to seduce the person again. Then the initiator will console himself with the fact that he is still wanted, despite the presence of a new partner. However, if people have broken up, this behavior can compensate and reduce the guilt towards the former partner. On the other hand, narcissistic individuals tend to keep their former partner with them for a specific purpose. If he performed a certain function in relation to them, for example, sexual, they would not let him go. Or they may have more of these people that they will only meet for sexual purposes. From observations, it seems that couples who had a very high passion component of the relationship often decide to maintain a sexual relationship after a breakup. They had a wonderful erotic life and they don't want to give it up, but at the same time their differences don't allow them to be together every day.

2. Whether the end is accidental.
This is very common. Having sex with an ex can leave people unprepared for a new relationship. Each ending of a relationship requires mourning for what has been lost, allowing you to get bored and angry with yourself and shut yourself off from the world. This process can take months or even years. Maintaining an erotic relationship with a former partner, many do not give themselves the opportunity to experience emotions. You can live under the illusion that it's not over yet. When people meet with "exes" every few months, it is difficult for them to meet someone new, to discover a relationship. They haven't said goodbye to their ex-partner yet and still want him to be with them. Despite the appearance, the connection with him can be very strong.

3. Breakup of the relationship.
When faced with painful experiences, people allow them to fully resonate. For example, sex with an ex can actually end. This can happen when a person has been idealizing their partner for a long time, and a new meeting has allowed them to face reality. Suddenly, it wasn't as perfect as it seemed. You need to stop living in delusion. Open a new chapter.

4. The harm of having sex with exes.
You can't demonize it. Often this serves to satisfy a pure physical need and reduce tension. With an ex-partner, it is easier, because it is well known how to achieve pleasure. Such a meeting, especially after many years, can be a sentimental return to what was once beautiful and pleasant, not only in an erotic context, but also emotionally. Meeting on time. There's nothing unhealthy about it.

5. Repeated emotional attraction.
Pop culture and romantic movies have made it a little easier to get used to the idea that when people go to bed with someone, they automatically fall in love. It's a myth. There are many people, both men and women, for whom sex does not mean emotional involvement, but only relieves tension. People meet through social networks.networks for sex that won't lead to a deeper relationship in the future. The same can happen with an ex-partner. The problem is that most people don't control their feelings. And even if you try to avoid it, it may happen that the passion for the former lover will wake up again.

Everyone is different, people meet in different circumstances and in different moments of life. It is impossible to influence what is happening. Just as it is impossible for feelings to stop touching.

6. Relationships of exes.
The interests of the child dictate the correct construction of relationships. If it is impossible to maintain a non-sexual relationship, perhaps the problem is somewhere in the parents. In fact, it is possible that from the very beginning, this relationship was based on sex, which is somewhat incomplete. For a relationship to be complete, three variables must be considered: commitment, intimacy, and passion. Eroticism alone is not enough to maintain a relationship. Couples who find it difficult to give up sex even after breaking up are often people who find it difficult to spend time together, and they fight terribly because they have very little in common. Probably, apart from sex, they were never interested in each other.

Especially if people try to keep an open mind in their lives. Meanwhile, a few years after the breakup, they don't care. If a meeting with an " ex " or even a conversation about him causes strong emotions, this is a sign that the wound is still fresh. Until it is cleaned, it will hurt and never heal.

7. Healing.
First, you should take the time to think. Let them lose. To admit that without a partner and meetings with him will be very boring, but nevertheless you need to stop it, because the continuation of this relationship is destructive. You need to experience all the feelings associated with this. Pain, anger, longing, sadness. Leave them and start a new life. For many, a moment of self-reflection, a conversation with loved ones, or watching a smart movie is enough. Of course, if there is a feeling that it is impossible to cope on your own and none of the above methods does not help, you should seek help from a specialist.

You probably whispered about it yourself between your lunch break and your second physical education class in a row. You were laughing in the corners, wondering if there was any truth in what you were saying. So, the most popular myths about sex!

1. Big penis makes you a sex god
For some reason, it is very common that the larger the penis, the happier the woman will be. In fact, it is in computer shooting games that it makes sense to choose a larger weapon. But in the bedroom, size doesn't necessarily matter. Or maybe it does, but not in the way you thought. On many Internet forums, you can read the confessions of desperate women who complain about the big penis of their life partner. Because it's probably not great, and looks cool only in movies from the forbidden zone of the global network.
It all depends on the foreplay, the desire of both parties or the skill of your lover – there are even special poses that will help you if your penis is very small. But it's not a big deal. Women actually dream of a gentle man with whom they want to make love.
And it depends a lot on you.

2. You'll never know when she's faking an orgasm
Reality isn't as rosy as it sounds (you must have seen "When Harry Met Sally," right?). Some time ago, a study was published in which more than thirty thousand women were asked about simulating an orgasm. So what? The results were discouraging for the alpha males – the vast majority of women explicitly stated that they had imitated pleasure at least once in their lives.
The reasons for this are different. Some of them are fatigue after a working day, boredom during sexual intercourse, or lack of psychological connection with a partner.
And it's not that it's difficult to understand when a partner is faking it. Because pleasure is not just about moaning, closing your eyes, and digging your nails into your back. These are also some physiological symptoms that cannot be simulated.

3. Overweight men are less generously endowed by nature
An optical illusion is responsible for this myth: the more adipose tissue, the smaller the penis appears. In fact, this is not the case at all.
And in this case, too, all sorts of sexologists come to the rescue, who point out a lot of positions in which you can have fun. Because the psychological comfort of both women and men is most important during sexual intercourse.
Another thing is that too much excess weight can lead to erection problems and a significant decrease in libido. And then neither comfort nor poses will make us a master of eroticism.

4. A long break from sex? More drive!
Maximum simplification of the human psyche. Also, this is wrong, because if you look at the functioning of the human body, it turns out that everything is exactly the opposite! Frequent sexual intercourse promotes the secretion of testosterone. You probably know this name well (overweight men usually have less of it, as mentioned earlier). "The hormone of love" - sounds proud.
It is also worth noting that if interruptions in sex are accompanied by negative emotions, libido also decreases. And from here, a step to fatigue from sex, relationships, and generally lack of joy in life.

5. Joint orgasm? What could be better!
Perhaps this is what the greatest movie hits have taught you. Ecstatic scenes, seething passion, and this climax expressed in a delicious moan.
Meanwhile, a joint orgasm is not only rare, but also not a mandatory item of the so-called "perfect sex". Yes, there is something about it, when lovers reach a climax at the same moment, some indescribable magic and satisfaction. The state that each of us strives for.
But Mother Nature created people in such a way that men usually come faster, and women can even have an orgasm several times. It is all the more important that rapprochement is accompanied by a sense of connection, security and love. Then the simultaneity of the orgasm really ceases to matter.

6. Erotic fantasies are harmful and lead to deviations!
Again, priceless pop culture has instilled in people the belief that every – even the smallest-deviation should be considered a danger. Yes, there are all sorts of dangerous deviations (the most striking example of which can be seen in the movie "Catastrophe"), but some fantasies, if they do not harm anyone, do not necessarily mean only bad things.
Sometimes these fantasies can be the only sure means to avoid boredom in the bedroom or even save the relationship!

In the modern world, sex is not a cause for embarrassment. People not only talk calmly about this subject, but also do not hesitate to talk about their various addictions openly. However, in the topic of sex, there is a point that is still the subject of condemnation — sex without obligations. From the point of view of morals and feelings, such a passion is extremely vicious for many modern people.
Most young people have encountered such a phenomenon as one-night stands, but many of them regret this act. However, a fleeting attraction doesn't have to end with a dry goodbye. This article will tell you about the ways to develop one-night stands before a full-fledged relationship.

You need to look for a partner where it is interesting to be yourself

This principle boils down to just one thought — you need to look for a person who is interesting not only externally, but also filled with qualities and interests that you want to see in a companion. After all, you can interest a person not only with unthinkable poses, but also with intellectual virtues.


Sex without emotion is a waste of time. Passion and intimacy can lead people to become emotionally attached to each other and decide to move on to a new level of relationship. Passion gives rise to a sense of kinship, something common, intimate. The more emotions the partner gets from sex, the more likely it is that this relationship will repeat, which can later lead to a more serious relationship.

Hint of rivalry

During a conversation with a partner, you can unobtrusively hint that there are other people who seek your attention. Most likely, it will be perceived as a challenge. A person will have a fear of losing a partner, an understanding of how much he cares about him.
But if the partner is in doubt, you do not need to put pressure on him, it is better to give time to think about the relationship, whether he needs them or not. Excessive pressure will only scare the person away.

Conflict avoidance

It is important not to allow insults, tantrums, scandals without a reason, so you can only push the partner away, rather than push him to create a serious relationship. You need to try to create a favorable environment where a person will be warm and cozy, where he will be drawn.
You should talk more and sincerely with your partner, learn about his fears, his dreams, and be interested in his problems and successes. Being able to listen and hear is the most important thing. Everyone wants to be heard and understood.


It is impossible to change the attitude to yourself if there is no development of your own personality. You need to change your life for the better, to realize all your innermost desires. This will make your partner see you not only as a sexual object, but also as an interesting person.

Despite all the above tips, each person decides his own fate independently. He allows himself to be treated one way or another. This applies to both women and men. A self-sufficient, educated and interesting person will cause not only sexual attraction, but also the desire to build a serious relationship.